MBBR Media price

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MBBR Media price

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Product Description
K3 filter media is a new high-tech patented product with a new type of microbes as carrier. It owns the advantages of large specific surface, good hydrophilic property, strong.
When the k3 filter media is applied in the moving bed biological reactor technology, it can reduce biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus makes it an effective solution to a variety of regulatory treatment standards.
Product Parameter
Raw Meterial & Biofilm Culturing
Materia: 100%Virgin HDPE (Import), 20% shorter membrane-forming time than others.
Main Features
1) Bioflim forming time is 3~15 days, the fastest is only 2 days. Do not culture of bacteria in advance. The formula scientific substance support the growth of heterotrophic and autotrophic microorganism within its cells.
2) Special Surface Treatment
- Larger and Roughness Inner Surface to Enhance Microble cell Adhension and Biofilm Forming Rapidly.
3) Good Hydrophilicity
- Add Hydrophilic Groups to Improves Biofilm Formation and Biomass.
4) The surface of our MBBR media is with positive Charge which promote Microorganism Growth , the study report most of microorganisms take negative charge.
5) Biomass (g/m2) 10 - 20.
6) High efficience removal of BOD5,COD, TSS etc.
Application Field
Municipal wastewater; Pharmaceuticals & Chemical industry Pulp & Paper industry Petro and Oil industry; Food and Beverage industry; Electric power, Electroplating Metallurgy, Machinery Dyeing and Printing Aquaculter Industry and so on.
Project Reference
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