Stenter suppliers

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Stenter suppliers

Сообщение jthan123 » 17 апр 2019, 04:52

The Haida Stenter gives you a wide range of options to let you be able to process the fabric the way you like it. Haida Stenter is fully produced in China, and features the latest in technology.
Our highly efficient chambers are 3m long with individual control of the airflow, to ensure even temperature in the processing chamber.
-all kinds of woven and knitted fabrics
-technical fabrics
-non woven materials
-coating,laminating(special accessories needed)
-dyeing((special accessories needed)
Technical layout:
-up to 12 chambers of 3m length
-up to 6m working width
-suitable for oil-heating,steam heating,electrical heating,gas heating and indirect gas heating.
-fabric transport chain in horizontal execution as pin chain,clip chain or pin&clip version.
-traditional electric controls or PLC control, all drives AC with frequency control.
Special for knitted fabric stenter (picture is only for reference):
*Modular technology
2F-12F stenter chambers which can be equipped with accessories to run all traditional and
advanced textile processes,installed on the ground floor or elevated.
*Stenter chain with long time lubrication,oil free chain chack
*High duty roller bearing for horizontal chain return
*Fully encapsulated ball bearing with long time lubrication
*Direct lubrication system with minimum lubricant consumption
Running speed up to 120m/min
Pin chainclip chaincombination pin-clip
Stenter suppliers


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